Knowledge management: the paralyzing problem of too much in too many places

Knowledge management: the paralyzing problem of too much in too many places

It’s 2pm and you haven’t gotten anything done yet. This makes you panic a bit cos you have a sync up meeting in two hours. During a typical workday, you might be switching from a document on Google Drive, to an email, back to Jira, then Confluence, all the while checking Slack in the belief you are being productive. Except you’re not. You spend far too much time searching for tidbits of information scattered amongst all these different sources instead of actually getting things done. If you could wave a magic wand and make all of those apps go away, you would, wouldn’t you?

We should be able to pull information at the moment we need it. All too often, we waste our time and other people’s time searching for that data. Keeping information organized is a chore in the digital world and the issue is further complicated with the need to share documents with coworkers. It can become a nightmare when information is spread across different platforms. Finding the information we seek is often more difficult than it ought to be. Many organizations still struggle to get knowledge management right. That’s what we are trying to solve at Allganize.

The flow

Have you ever been in a flow state? You work fully immersed without distractions, time flies by and everything’s done. You feel incredible. In Allganize, things you are currently or recently working on are automatically added to your Today’s flow. You have complete overview of where you are and keep the flow going.

A new way to search for documents

For a typical search, there are thousands, even millions, of documents with potentially relevant information. We figure out what to show in your search results before you even type your search query. We surface the exact information when you need it – so it can be used for writing emails, creating presentations, or any number of things.

There are three ways to search in Allganize:

  • Keyword - This AI powered search looks at all the keywords you entered. You can search for an exact word or phrase. Not sure about the exact words? Don’t worry. The system recognizes the intent behind your search and surfaces the information you need.
  • Natural language - Uses everyday spoken language in your search, phrasing questions or commands as you would ask them if you were talking to someone
  • Query - Uses operators to filter search results.

Connected teams

We have dozens of documents going on at different places. Allganize allows you to collaborate with your team in Group Sharing so all the documents for a project will be in one place for everyone regardless of the document source.

There’s a lot of power behind this tool, and we hope you will find it useful. The latest features are available on our desktop versions for Mac and Windows and they will be available on the web version soon. Take a couple minutes and try it for free today. Let us know what you think!